Friday, September 18, 2009

Famous: Tip #4 Publicity for Your Book

I decided to call this a "famous" tip because knowing how to gain publicity for your book is key when presenting a book proposal to an agent or publisher. The following is an excerpt from my book proposal that landed me a publisher for Anything But a Dog! (The perfect pet for a girl with congenital CMV)

Author Promotion

Experienced in public relations, author is prepared to undertake a media campaign to gain attention for her book, Anything But a Dog, including:

Creating a press kit including a book news release, quotes, photograph of author and press clips.

Pitching print and broadcast media with light-hearted stories about enjoying life with a disabled family member; raising awareness for congenital CMV so others can be spared Elizabeth’s fate; the benefits of adopting an older dog, and the need for volunteers to train a dog for the disabled.

Coordinating author interviews on local radio and television.

The Congenial CMV Foundation and CMV Registry plan to promote the book through their Web site, newsletters, and conferences and will seek national print and broadcast media attention.

Speaking to organizations as a member of a Speakers Bureau

Anything But a Dog can be successfully promoted through multiple avenues:

Pet and Women’s magazines
Special-ed magazines and newsletters
TV talk shows
Radio talk shows
Book reviews
Teaching noncredit classes at writing centers or community colleges on writing memoirs
Book signings and appearances in stores
Fundraisers for CMV research and animal shelters

Dear Reader:

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P.S. Two times people wrote to me that they gained a lot of free publicity by offering their books as prizes to local radio stations. Then, when the writer is giving a talk somewhere or having a book signing, people come up to them and say, "I heard about your book on the radio." I've only tried that on a limited basis. Perhaps I'll try that again!

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