Friday, October 9, 2009

Famous: Tip #8--Newsletter from The Author Show

Here is an excerpt of the newsletter I get from It contains the links for signing up to be a blog radio guest for "The Author Show" plus it regularly contains the contact information for publishers and agents. They don't inundate me with e-mail so I don't regret signing up. Excerpt:

Edition # 15


Welcome to H.A.P.P.Y., a eNewsletter brought to you by The Authors Show.

The Authors Show brings you this week's issue of the Help A Publisher Publish You (H.A.P.P.Y) eNewsletter. This free weekly newsletter, with new resources in each issue, helps bring authors together with publishers, agents and other industry resources. Anyone may receive a free copy of this newsletter when submitting the form at, so pass it on to your friends, twitter contacts or those who could benefit from this information.

For the line-up of this week's author interviews and for interview requests, remember to visit The Authors Show, The Business Authors Show-NEW, The Children Authors Show-NEW, or The Christian Authors Show-NEW

Me again:
The rest of the newsletter has contacts for publishers and agents. If you want to read my free 17-page e-book, "How to Get Published," visit my buttons on the right under "My Books."

If you're a LinkedIn fan, (you really should be registered there--especially if you are a writer), I just started a group if you care to join:

How to Get Thin and Famous (or at least published!)

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