Friday, August 28, 2009

Famous: Tip #2--Social Networking

If you feel like I'm spending too much time on the "Famous" part of getting published, it's because I am--it's that important. I'm sure you've heard that newspapers and magazines are letting their writers go. It's hard for publications to find readers now that we have the Internet. People like T.V. and reading stories and watching Youtube clips on the Internet. With all this time spent at computers, there is less time to hold a magazine or book in our hands.

To convince an editor to publish your work, you need to have a "platform." Think of a platform as a stage that makes you rise above the crowd so they can see you. A platform is your way of communicating your ideas to an audience that you've been gathering through your blog or T.V./radio show.

I spend time everyday on the computer on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and discussion groups I belong to--that's why I'm having such a hard time getting thin!

Famous: Tip #2
"In this market, platform is key. Too many writers believe they can finish a piece and release it into the world without one, to their own detriment. Building a platform should be 50% of a writer's work, and can be done in small steps, a little bit each day. Your platform serves as a business card, to generate future assignments, and makes you a very publishable expert when it comes time to release your book." Alyson Mead, editor, ghostwriter and publishing consultant,

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Sharon said...

A typo for you to correct:
third paragraph, first sentence:
computer not commuter.

Lisa M. Saunders said...

Thanks for taking the time to point that out Sharon. I fixed it!

Anonymous said...

I am definitely willing to go on Oprah to talk about our experience!
Joan Heid (Louisville, KY cCMV parent of Rilynn born 2-26-09)