Saturday, November 28, 2009

Self-Publishing an E-book

The following tip on self-publishing an e-book is from,
the Web site named for the compact guide to self-publishing and promoting books by Dan Poynter and Danny O. Snow.

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Newsletter Excerpt:

===> Lead Story: e-Books going wild?Recent developments in e-publishing suggest that the growth of e-Books seen in 2008 - 2009 continues to gain momentum. Consider these recent reports:Amazon has started selling the Kindle in Europe. There are reportedly now more than 3 million Kindles in use, and growing.The iPhone and iPod Touch jointly boast more than 50 MILLION users. In October 2009, the Apple "Apps Store" reported more downloads of book-related items than game-related items for the first time. Rivalsmartphones like the G3-Android and the Palm Pre will add millions moreusers, hungry for content to download, in 2010. has announced new deals that will let its users sell theirbooks at (a Barnes & Noble property) and Amazon, although for now they lack copy protection. now allows users to upload EPUB files (as well as Word files, PDFfiles and other formats) then sell COPY-PROTECTED e-Books in Adobe DigitalEditions format from their site. For now, Adobe Digital Editions with copyprotection won't run on the iPhone, but...

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